Break Up with Mr.Writer’s Block

Dear Writer’s Block, it’s not you, it’s me. It’s all my fault that I stayed with you for so many years. My friends have been warning me about you but I never bothered to listen to them.

We had a long relationship spanning for several years. In all these years, you lured me to think that you will help me write the best novel by spending time with you. You cajoled me to steer away from the white paper and get indulged in social networking sites, mails and anything that has nothing to do with writing. I, who got attracted to your magic, had taken abode in your mystically enchanting house. We stayed far too long.  In your world, I lost my dreams. I forgot my talent and trusted you blindly.

You never allowed me to talk to strangers. I wanted to make acquaintance with the new kid in the block ,Mr .Creative , but you nipped the friendship in the bud. You advised me that he is a tough guy who manipulates people to work hard. Instead, you introduced me to your equally vice friends – Mr. Laziness, Mr. Procrastination and Ms.letsparty.  All of you together spoiled my writing career. Oh..!! What a fool I am that I listened to you and fell for your deceptively handsome looks.

When I look back on all these years, one thing is evident. I was blindly in love with you. But you knew the whole time that you were sapping me out of my knowledge. My love for you came to an end when I realized that your real motto behind this relationship is to destroy me. When I caught you romancing with other newbie writers I realized that I am not the only victim. For heaven’s sake, don’t trap  innocent people. They will be better off without you and they have bright future.

What happened, did happen for my own good. Now I know whom to trust and whom not. I learnt my lessons in a hard way. I am confident now. I can be on my own. This is my last and final letter to you.

I desperately wish that our paths will never cross and I will never ever met you. Don’t even try to interrupt my peaceful life.

Good bye forever,

Never Yours,

Aspiring Writer


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