How was the year till now?

How was this year till now?

Is it exciting??

Is it Adventurous??

Or is it sheer Craziness at its peak?

What do I call this? It’s only seven months into the new year and I feel that the year had put me through enough emotions that I would have ever asked for.

Days are filled with random moments of happiness followed by hours of uncertainty.

I took the road less travelled, forgoing my job of a decade to pursue my passion.

At one moment I feel that I had taken right decisions and my life is going to be perfect, atleast in the long run. At another moment I feel I am crazy that I haven’t listened to my friends and dared to follow my instincts. Time will tell whether my decisions are right.

For now, I feel like I’m travelling through a dark tunnel filled with surprises.

I feel like I’m riding a rollercoaster with its stomach churning twists and turns

I am tired of this adventurous journey. All I want is to slow down and settle down.

May the next half of the new year be filled with calm, serenity and bliss.



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