‘Writer’s Block’ vs ‘Daily Prompt’

Writer’s block : The archrival of every writer. Who wouldn’t have experienced the agony bestowed by the writer’s block when we stare at a blank page and have nothing to write?

I used to run into this pathetic situation whenever I pondered for hours, to choose a perfect topic which will shower hundreds of likes and encouraging comments from the writing community. Most of the days , I used to spend all my precious time searching for topics and discarding one after the other, until I ran out of my time and had to rush to complete my errands for the day.  I used to look closely at every object in my vicinity, study every person I met, observe my surroundings every waking moment; hoping that I will get a topic for my next post. What a pity!!! I could not write even one page a day after all this googling, soul searching and brain racking.

But it’s said that to be a good writer, you have to write daily.  So, I was determined to write daily.

That’s when I came across this ‘daily prompt’.  No wonder, it’s a blessing for me. !! Now with the topic readily available, all I have to do is , to craft my thoughts into an interesting post.  Now, daily I wake up with a confidence that someone else out there has taken the burden of providing me a topic and I need to just write my thoughts about that.

In this battle of ‘Writer’s Block’ Vs ‘Daily prompt’, in my case, the ‘Daily Prompt’ won unanimously and thereby it is helping me to achieve my goal of writing daily.  Thanks a ton to all the contributors of ‘Daily Prompt’ who have saved me from going crazy searching for topics to write.

PS: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/writers-block-party/



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