sssshhhh..Don’t tell anyone..!!

In response to daily prompt

It was Sunday 10:00pm and my parents retired into their rooms. My sister was still chatting online with her new boyfriend. I was in no mood to sleep.  I had my own plans. I knew that this was the perfect time and no one was going to notice my absence. I crawled out of the bed and sneakily opened the door in my backyard which leads into a tunnel. This is the tunnel I had dug for months for such secret escapades. I crawled through the tunnel laboriously. I knew , all this effort would pay off once I reach the hideout. The thought of reaching that place itself was so wonderful. It was painful to crawl on my knees but the destination was just few more minutes now. The light at the other end of the tunnel energized me.

Finally I reached the end and with all my effort I flung open the heavy iron door. There it was..The sweet aroma of the freshly baked cakes filled the air .  Mmmmmmmm…I took a deep breath one more time to inhale the sweet smell of chocolate, cream, and butter… I couldn’t stop one more minute to munch on those delicious cakes waiting for me… Yes..I was in the world’s best bakery.

Now,  you may be wondering why I dug a secret tunnel for something as simple one as this. What can I do? My Mom prohibits me from eating sweets as I was putting on weight. My sister wants a share of my desserts whenever she sees me saving my sweets for the last and my dad gives a big lecture on how to stay fit by eating only fruits and vegetables.

Don’t you agree that tunnel is my savior and that is the only way I can eat to my heart’s content without bothering my health conscious family?

No wonder, the other day, my Mom was surprised when I happily accepted to eat just salad for dinner 🙂

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