5 fun facts about being a Mom

I used to see those adorable kids dressed in cute frocks and think how lucky their Moms are. After my daughter was born, my life changed completely and so did my opinion about being a Mom. Being a Mom is something totally different.  A day in the life of Mom is filled with a potpourri of emotions: Sometimes happiness, sometimes frustration, sometimes bliss and some other times, it is simply crazy.

cartoon-313632_640 (1)

Want to know more? Then, here are few interesting facts about being a Mommy.

  1. Most used word by a Mom: “NO” : ” No baby, don’t watch TV so closely”. “No sweety, don’t put that in your mouth”. “No baby, don’t run so fast”.”No kiddo, don’t spill the food on the carpet”.  “No, it’s NOT ok to use your dinner spoon for digging the sand!!”. I, an eternal optimist, kept myself saying NO..No..No.. countless time in a single day.
  1. Most watched shows by a Mom: Cartoon Network/ Nickelodeon Kids:  Anything which even remotely looks like a human is banned on the screen.  My smart TV, my iphone and my ipad have forgotten about my past interests and display the latest animation shows in the “auto suggestions” list.
  1. Most visited places by a Mom: Zoo/ neighborhood park.  You can find me and several other Moms in the evening at the parks and weekends at the zoo or aquarium .  Thanks to the cartoon shows where the protagonist is usually a penguin, monkey, tiger or pig ; I am quite used to watching animals speak. So, next  time if a duck  comes to me and says hello, I would not be surprised after all. 
  1. Fitness activity for a Mom: Running behind the kid – to feed her, to pursue her to take bath, to stop her from running across the road, to help her ride a bicycle, to get hold of that precious watch she is playing with. In this running competition between an adult and a hyperactive kid, generally the kid wins. 
  1. Most played game by a Mom: Lego blocks: Because they are the ones which create less mess and which can be cleaned up easily. After lot of experience, I figured out that it is best to buy the kids games with the least number of separable parts. If you buy a 1000 piece puzzle, you will find the pieces scattered everywhere in your house, and you may even find it in your laptop bag when you reach office !!

Most surprising fact: Although the kid changed her world completely, Mom still loves the kid 🙂



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