August blues : Then as a kid and now as a parent..!!

In response to daily post: (As a kid, were you happy or anxious about going back to school? Now that you’re older, how has your attitude toward the end of the summer evolved?)

August Blues ?? I didn’t have any, when I was a kid. Actually, I was looking forward to go to school after long summer holidays. But now, after 25 years, when my 5 year daughter is going to school, I am terrified, worried and tensed when the school reopens. I guess almost all the parents will agree with me and here is why:

I have to wake two hours early than usual to get my kid ready to the school. Waking up my little one is one hell of an activity. I wonder how she knows, but she wouldn’t wakeup on her own on a weekday. Come weekend and she gets up early at 6:00am with lot of enthusiasm to enjoy the rest of the day. But on a weekday, even after nudging and pleading her several times, she stays asleep.  First question she asks after waking up is “Mommy, Do I have to go to school today?”.   Typically,the conversation between us will be like this:

 “Yes sweety, you have to go to school”.

“No.. Mommy”..

“Do you remember what your teacher told yesterday? You have a field trip today and it will be very exciting”.

“No Mommy..I will not go..The field trip is boring”

“You can meet your friends at school . They will be waiting for you”

“No Mommy. Yesterday, Katerina took my toy . I don’t want to meet her again today”

“You can wear the new dress we brought for you last weekend”

“No Mommy..I don’t want to wear that”

“I’ll give you icecream when you come back from school”

“No Mommy..Staying at home is better. You also don’t go to office”



After several such pleading which generally ends up with my shouting at her , she finally agrees to go to school . By that time we would have only 15 minutes to get ready. So I hurry up and with lot of resistance from her side, I get her ready to school. I feel so sorry about all this but with no other option left,  I leave my kid at the school.

Hours pass by quickly and it’s time for me to pick her up from school. Again I feel anxious about the next big task of the day: homework. Schools give assignments to students but it’s often the parents who do those. And so, once we reach home,  I again persuade her to do her homework.  A typical conversation between us is :

“ Mommy, should I paint blue here? Oh..!! No, green will be better”

“No honey, you have to draw the picture of ‘Sun’ and ‘Sun’ is not green”

“ Mommy, I think teacher wants me to draw a triangle here”

“No sweety, You have to just draw a circle and color it yellow”

“Mommy, give me that glue and scissors, I have to cut the paper stick it here”  ..

“No baby , it’s not needed. You have to only paint the picture”

After the drawing room is filled with lot of mess and after wasting 2 hours of my precious time, we are still where we were with the assignment. It’s time for me to take the complete charge of assignment else we wouldn’t be going to bed tonight. So, I tell my daughter to allow me to do her work and we finish the assignment in 10 minutes. Hurray..!! we are done for the day. I go to bed, wondering how many days are still left for the weekend.       

PS: This is the day in the life of an Indian parent.




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