Dear Writers, Did you try eavesdropping?

In response to daily prompt often hear strange snippets of conversation as we walk through public spaces. When was the last time you overheard something so interesting, ridiculous, or disturbing you really wanted to know what it was all about?)

I think ,‘Eavesdropping’ is a great source for stories.  Don’t get me wrong. I know eavesdropping is a bad habit but how can you miss so many interesting conversations, especially when people around you are offering them for free 🙂

When I’m in public places, I get drawn to conversations around me. Not that I strain my ears or turn my head to hear people speaking, but some people talk loudly:either to grab the attention or they are just ignorant of their high pitch. However, I enjoy listening to such chunks of conversations and imagining rest of the story.

Following is an excerpt from one such conversation and my own deductions from the same( Influence of reading ‘Sherlocks Holmes’ novels).

I boarded the bus from office to home and the lady sitting next to me was talking over phone,rather loudly.

“Hello dear, I’ll be reaching the bus stop in 10 minutes. “

Oh..!! This lady is going to get down in the same stop as mine. There is no other stop in between. A male voice is heard over the phone. The ring on her finger shows she is married. So she may be speaking to her husband.

“Yes sure. We will go tonight. That’s why I’m coming early from office”

They are planning to go outside together.  It’s 7:00pm now. If 7:00pm is early for her, then looks like she has been working till late hours from the past few days. But where are they going?

“I heard the movie is good. “

They may be going to a movie.

“I’m hungry, Pick me at the bus stop and we will go the restaurant”

Ok, husband may be somewhere nearby. It looks like a dinner + movie night.  There is only one movie theatre in this area and the movie is a big hit.  The movie starts at 8:00pm. So, they have enough time to have dinner and then enjoy the movie. Seems romantic 🙂

“Spoke to Mommy. Tanya is fine and she is playing with her toys. I miss her so much”.

Oh..!! So, their kid is with the lady’s parents somewhere, probably in some other city. So, she need not worry about kid when they go to the movie .Lucky girl.

“Ok..the bus stop is nearing. Yeah I see you…” Call ended

The lady got down from the bus along with me and I saw her walking towards a maroon red car.So sweet!!

Now, that the romantic story ended, I went home thinking about a good story to weave around this conversation.



I'm all ears. Tell me.

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