Straight from my heart: Why do I want to write?

Writing  – the one thing I always wanted to do. Today, I joined the ‘writing 101 course’ hosted by daily post ( so that I can develop a habit to write daily.Today’s challenge mentioned by the course is to write nonstop for 20 minutes and this is what I got at the end of my 20 minutes nonstop marathon :-p

I had tried to write daily by starting my blog , wrote for a couple of daily prompts but soon , it got boring. I wanted some more enthusiasm to write.  Somehow, I feel that the life of a blog written in response to a daily prompt is only for that day. The guys at wordpress  post a prompt, I spend half a day  thinking about how to write a blog based on that prompt and then I write it .I feel that such blogs are valid only for that day and for that particular prompt. But I want to write blogs which have longevity; information which is valid even after couple of months, stuff that is worth the time a reader is spending, something which is useful to someone, something which inspires someone or something that people can cherish.  With that idea in mind, I started searching for topics but soon I was led to the question of who my audience will be and what will be useful to them. All these questions confused me and I ended up with a blog account untouched for days. But somehow, I feel a strong urge to write : I want to write to express my ideas, to share my experiences in my career, in parenting, in writing, in cooking and in several aspects of my life which I worked very hard to learn. After all, life is repetition. We are not facing any new problems. We are facing the same problems as our parents: having the same career vs passion dilemma, finding the same issues in teaching our kids, finding the same difficulty in managing the kids and family. So, there should be a way out. There should be multiple topics out there which I have knowledge about and which I can share in a creative way with my readers. What are they? May be this course of writing 101 will unlock my mind and pave way for all those topics . May be this writing 101 will lead me to write nonstop in the coming days.

Actually, while typing this nonstop post,I feel like I’m driving on a freeway at 100 miles per hour . It’s funny and at the same time it’s dangerous. I guess I am speaking my mind out.At one moment I feel that I have to bare my soul out and write all my thoughts and at another moment I feel whether all my thoughts are worthwhile for the readers. I wish I get enough wisdom to chose my topics and present them in an interesting manner to the readers. I read lot of books in the past few days and surprisingly when my friends asked me to take up the book challenge (i.e list my top 10 favorite books), I ended up listing most of the nonfiction books. I somehow, feel attracted to books which are useful and have practical tips. I wish desperately that I were Malcolm Gladwell to write books like ‘David and Goliath’ or Susan cain to write books like ‘Quiet’ or like Aariana Huffington to write books like ‘Thrive’. Wouldn’t it be awesome?? Hopefully by the end of this course, I can find enough information on what to write about and how to write. May be after 10 or 20 years my books will also find a place in Newyork’s bestsellers list. May be I will also write like the authors I admire, creating intelligent, interesting nonfiction books. Wow..The dream looks so good 🙂 As my favorite author Malcom gladwell said ‘ 10,000 hours for perfection’, I’ll spend whatever time I get here onwards for improving my writing skills and one day I’ll achieve that perfection. Till then I’ll keep writing. I’ll research every resource that will help me improve my writing skills. I’ll leave no stone unturned. I’ll follow every practical tip out there to enhance my skills and one day for sure, I’ll be one of the top writers.

PS: This is in response to  writing 101:Unlock the Mind (let’s loosen up. Let’s unlock the mind. Today, take twenty minutes to free write. And don’t think about what you’ll write. Just write)


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