A Hollow Marriage

Rain water trickled unnoticed , into a miniscule fissure in the foundation.  Everything appeared fine on the surface.  They brought their dream house recently with huge bank loan. Years were passing by swiftly. He went to work early in the morning and came late in the evening, working for long hours. She managed her career, kids and home. They looked like a happy couple, at least to an outsider.

But, over the years, they built their own worlds – He and his work; she , her career and her kids. They never argued, they never had a fight; what was there to debate when one doesnot know what the other was doing. The silence at the dinner table and the growing differences between them went almost invisible. One some rare occasions, when he wanted to take her out for dinner, she was busy with her office work; when she wanted to go on a family vacation, he had to go on a business trip. Meanwhile, the kids grew up and left home to lead their own lives.

Now after two decades, when they were alone in their dream home, they felt as if they were two strangers living under the same roof. That’s when they realized that they no longer needed each other. For first time in their married life, they both agreed upon one thing – that is, time has come to break up. On that day, it was raining heavily and finally the crack showed up on the wall.

PS:In response to writing challenge http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_writing_challenge/foreshadow/


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