A small,red sweater

A man and a woman walked through the park together, holding hands. They passed an old woman sitting on a bench. The old woman was knitting a small, red sweater.

The man began to cry. The old woman reminded him of his mom who passed away one week back. He felt guilty for not spending enough time with her in her last few days at the hospital. What a fool he was that he took everything for granted? How could he ignore her plea when she called him several times and asked him to spend a weekend with her? Her last words still rung in his ear “Son, I love you. Take care”.  Now, he desperately wished that he could talk to his Mom for one last time and say “Sorry Mom. I Love you a lot”. The man couldn’t bear his sorrow, turned back and started walking out the park.

Meanwhile, the woman she saw the small, red sweater and was reminded of a task which she had been postponing for long time. She is expecting a baby and it is only 2 months due from now. She wanted to knit a cute little pink and purple sweater for her sweet little girl. She imagined her little one wearing that sweater and cuddling cozily in her arms. “Oh..!! How cute..” she thought.  The woman, still lost in her dreams, followed her husband swiftly. She could hardly wait to go back home and start knitting.

The old woman was fondly looking at the sweater she was knitting. “Just one more week” She thought. Her daughter’s family went abroad three years back. Her grandson was born two years ago and this is the first time she is going to meet him. She saw his pictures and he looked exactly like his father. She was eagerly waiting for their arrival. Suddenly she remembered something, picked up the sweater and started walking out of the park. She had to call her daughter and find out what her grandson loves to eat. The next thing on her list was to prepare her grandson’s favorite snacks. 🙂



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