Who said that staying at home is easy?

I have ten minutes to write and all I can think of is a task list with ten other things to do in the day. Only half of the day has passed and there is still one and half day to hit the weekend. No, I’m not currently employed, I am a stay at home Mom with a decade of work experience behind me. Before I started my new role of staying at home to take care of my kid, I always thought that being at home would be a good break from my busy life . But what I found is that, working at office is quite easy compared to doing the chores at home.

My typical weekday would be something like this : I wake up early in the morning, prepare breakfast, drop my husband at bus stop, get my kid ready to school, drive her to school, come home and have a quick breakfast and then start off preparing lunch. Before I complete cooking, it’s time to pick up my kid from school and then feed her lunch. Afternoon passes unnoticed while I struggle to stop my kid from taking a nap , else she would not sleep in the night. I have to entertain her by reading, playing with her and engaging her in any other interesting activity. By the time I have my evening tea, I get a call from my husband to pick him from bus stop. And again, it’s time to prepare snacks, followed by dinner. Within this hectic schedule, I sometimes squeeze in few minutes to write a blog post. And in the end when someone asks me what I’m doing, I have to say “I’m not working” 😦  Hatsoff to all those,  who stay at home and ‘work’ for their family.

Who said that staying at home is easy?


4 thoughts on “Who said that staying at home is easy?

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  2. I have played both the roles …of being a SAHM and a working mother of two. I feel that moms always feel that ‘its greener on the other side’. But after having two kids I personally feel that its green both the sides:). We just need to try and ‘enjoy’ both sides of it.

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