Are you like me, thinking about thinking?

Did you every drive past a red signal by mistake, even when you could have stopped?

Did you ever try to get down an escalator which was coming up?

Did you ever mistakenly put on someone else’s shoes at a gathering?

Did you ever wear your coat inside out?

Definitely I want to know these answers. Because, somehow, at some point of my life I did all the above and I was lucky enough to escape the dire consequences. I was just wondering today why am I so different? Am I weird or are there people like me? Before you discard me that I’m insane , I have to tell you that I have an outstanding educational record, got quite good appreciations at work and people around me say that I’m intelligent. All works well till that moment when I commit a very silly mistake and after that I am shocked about why I had ever acted in that absurd matter. I then try to reason out what made me do that and I end up with the same answer –  I was thinking a lot of stuff at the same time. It’s like a haze in my mind which I can’t really shake off. I keep thinking and thinking all day long and it may be not long before I add this to my hobby list. Nowadays I am thinking why I am thinking so much..

Are you like me, thinking about thinking?



4 thoughts on “Are you like me, thinking about thinking?

  1. I can’t drive so no to your first question, but the rest, yep to them all. My brain is usually so busy thinking about this,that and every other thing that the process of the mundane somehow gets bypassed leaving me in similar situations to yours 🙂

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