Childhood Sweet memories

I love childhood for the abundant joy it offers.

Those precious years

when your parents pamper you,

when your naughtiness is cherished,

when your mistakes are forgiven by a cute ‘sorry’,

when your only work is to play.


I love childhood for the freedom it bestows.

Those carefree years

when you take nap in the afternoons,

when you get summer holidays every year,

when you savor ice creams and chocolates merrily,

when you are not worried about putting on weight.


I love childhood for the sweet memories it leaves.

Those prized years

when you did everything for the first time;

the first time you went to the school,

the first time you learnt to ride a bicycle,

the first outing with your friends,

and the most memorable of all, the first crush.


Wow..!! Childhood is such a bliss that I wish I were a child again.


PS: Thanks to daily prompt for the inspiration.


3 thoughts on “Childhood Sweet memories

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