One and half book worm

Are you a book worm like me? Are you addicted to books ?

Then I guess you will completely understand what I’m going to say.

Hmm…Here’s what it looks like at my bedside..


One..Two..Three..Four.. Ok..Let’s stop counting. I usually end up with a pile of books near my bed.  Here is a brief story behind this mess.

Six years back, when I was just married, I was the only one in the house who was responsible for this sort of clutter. Then, my daughter was born and I was excited to share my obsession with her. I started reading her rhymes from the day she was born. Believe it or not, she used to respond to my words and nod her head or smile at me. I took it as her affirmation and started reading her picture dictionary and lots of books with big colorful pictures every night. This soon turned into a daily ritual and by the time she was 6 months old, she wouldn’t sleep unless I read her favorite books.

Years passed and now my house is occupied by one and half book worm (i.e Me and my 5 year old girl). Every night, before going to bed, I read her books, sometimes with lots of enthusiasm, sometimes with exhaustion after a long day, sometimes with a sleepy tone trying hard to stay awake,  but always with a sense of pride, that this little one who loves to read is my daughter and one day she will become someone great. As I look forward to that day, this mess doesn’t matter all.

PS: Thanks to daily prompt


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