Dear Diary, Please come back into my life..

Dear Diary,

It’s been long since we are in touch. Is it 15 years or 16 years or it more than that…Oh…!! Time is running so fast. Back at that time when I was a teenager and struggling to cope up with my tension, you were my best companion. I used to write to you daily and you were patiently listening to all my outbursts. There were times when I spoke to you whole night and you comforted me by assuring that everything will turn out to be fine.  I shared with you my deepest secrets; my secret crush at college, my jealousy about that pretty girl in my class, my resentment towards my father, my fear of making new friends, my phobia of driving, my disappointments, my failures and the overwhelming stress to get a job. You took it all. You became my best friend. By absorbing all that was negative about me, you brought out a confident personality in me. I soon started living my dreams, got a job in a top company, met my future husband and soon I had my own family. Life became busy and I could no longer spend time with you.

Did I miss you in all these years? Yes..I missed you a lot. You were in my mind always. I thought of calling you , but then there was a more important call from my office . I wanted to write to you but then there was an urgent mail to be sent to my manager. I thought atleast I will sit beside you for some time, but then there was my kid who wanted to cuddle me. But yes, you were always in my thoughts. I hope you will forgive me for not staying in touch all these years.

Now,enough of this separation. Please come back into my life . I need you desperately . I’m in deep trouble. They say it’s mid life crisis. There seems to be something wrong with me. I’m not satisfied with my job, my career or my family. It’s not like the ‘Happily Ever After’ life that I dreamt of.  I need you to show me the brighter side of my life. You are an eternal optimist. I’m sure you will bring back the positive personality in me. I need your comfort, your assurance and your guidance. Do the same miracle that you did when I was a teenager. I want to enjoy every moment of my life. Stay beside me and bring back my inner peace. Be my Best Friend Forever.

Your ever loving friend.



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