Blurb of my debut book : “Ctrl+Alt+Del (Transform your problems into accomplishments)”


What do you do when your computer is not responding? You press Ctrl+Alt+Del. Can you apply Ctrl+Alt+Del to your life?

Jahnavi’s book “Ctrl+Alt+Del(Transform your problems into Accomplishments)” is about a path breaking, innovative, 3 step process which explains about Controlling your emotions, Altering your perception and  Deleting the problem. She derived this unique philosophy while she was struggling to overcome her own problems in career and life. She claims that this new outlook for life has transformed her life magically – from a dissatisfied corporate employee to a successful leader, veteran toastmaster and a writer.

This book, with its simple practical tips and dozens of anecdotes, is an easy read yet it presents an effective approach to life. It alters your perception of life and motivates you to get the best out of your life. It gives you the confidence to thrive in your life irrespective of your current situation. However tough your situations may be, as you begin looking with this new perspective, you will not only begin to appreciate your life, but you will also find a way to emerge as a winner.

Your life will be never the same after you read this book. Go for it.


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