Last dinner: A boon for the calorie conscious

One leisurely evening, while I was checking facebook, I came across a forwarded post which was going viral . It said “Latest News : World is ending tomorrow. Tonight is going to be the last one. You better make it the best”.

I was shocked. I had so many things I wanted to do. I wanted to be a bestselling author, I wanted to go on a world trip, I wanted to be so see my daughter graduate.. Oh. I had so many dreams. My imaginary world came to  a sudden halt. I worried for few minutes. I had to think fast. If I had to make these last hours on this earth memorable, I had to do something which was unique, satisfying and long lasting. As I was thinking, my stomach started rumbling. No matter what my situation was, my stomach reminded me to feed her. I wanted to eat a snack. Not snack. I needed a dinner. Wait.. Not just any dinner. It was going to be my last dinner. At that moment, an idea struck me like a lightning. I immediately grabbed my phone and started making calls. I felt proud of my idea and started reminding myself ‘Tonight is going to be special!!’

After the phone calls, I hurriedly went into the kitchen and put on my apron. I decided to host a feast at my home.  I had called my friends , neighbors and anyone who stayed couple of minutes away from home. As I was running short of time, my dinner menu was short and sweet. I started cooking my signature Indian dishes: Chicken Biryani , Masala gravy, raita. I baked my a cake and prepared tasty Indian desserts : Semiya payasam, gulab jamoon.   Earlier, I used to skimp on the oil and tried to cook fat free food because I was constantly worried calories. But, not today. I prepared all the dishes with extra ghee, butter, cashews and  exotic ingredients to make them taste heavenly.  In couple of hours, with the help of my family members, I cooked a sumptuous meal.

By the time my guests arrived, I had laid down the table and arranged all the food in my new dinner set, which I had earlier planned to unpack for my daughter’s birthday party. My guests who had arrived with tensed faces, started cheering up as they smelled the aroma of the spices and saw the mouthwatering food served in beautiful cutlery.  Soon, me and my calorie conscious friends, starting binging on our food, without worrying about putting on weight as there was no tommorrow. We recollected happy moments, played lot of games and the night went on and on. At the wake of the dawn,we all were so exhausted that we fell asleep , missing the most feared moment of apocalypse. 🙂



Don’t worry, it is not a ghost who wrote the above story. That was just a silly dream I had, when I took a rather long nap in the afternoon, after eating my favorite Indian food.


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Eat, Drink, and Be Merry….”

2 thoughts on “Last dinner: A boon for the calorie conscious

    • Thanks a lot, Jessie. I really appreciate you for reading the post and providing your feedback. It is so encouraging 🙂

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