Afraid of networking? Learn Blogging!

Are there any similarities between blogging and networking?

I usually find writing blogs easier than networking. Well, that was the first reason why  I started writing. I feel comfortable facing a blank page then talking to a stranger. I even give speeches in public, in fact, I love public speaking. But, if I am in a room full of strangers, I feel awkward and look for an excuse to escape.

Recently, to learn the art of networking, I started reading the book ‘The fine art of Small Talk’ by ‘Debra fine’.

While I was reading the book, I also started participating in Blogging 101 and I couldn’t help notice the similarities.


Based on the book  and based on the assignments in ‘Blogging 101’ course, I found that rules to build networking skills and rules to sharpen blogging skills are almost the same. So, if we master blogging, we can learn the art of networking as well. Two birds at one shot 🙂

What do you say?


11 thoughts on “Afraid of networking? Learn Blogging!

  1. Yeah blogging and networking are basically same things, only platforms are different. Both are meant to connect with people you’d like/need to be connected with. I bet once they add a chat option to blogs, it would also join the FB/Twitter/[add your favourite social networking site] bandwagon!

    • Correct. Chatting is the only thing that is left behind, to be added to the blogging sites. But if it is added, it will be the biggest hurdle for writers !

      • Yeah, definitely. Though it makes it difficult to communicate one-to-one, in a way it is a bliss. It allows for so much peace! 😀

  2. I didn’t really think about it like that before, but now you mention it, it is basically the same thing. That worries me a little though, because I’m real bad at networking.

    • Think about the other way. If you become and expert at blogging, you can be an expert at networking. In fact, I’m planning to modify my post so that it reflects the advantages of blogging.

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