Blogging 101: A sprint for bloggers!

Blogging101 course is over today! Oh! I will miss the guidance, the routine and the deadlines!

Last three weeks had been the best days of my blogging journey. I learnt a lot and my blog looks much better now.

3 things that I learnt from this course are mentioned below:


Thanks @michelleweber, @aisajib,@susanrnet,@tj720 for your support, guidance and valuable advice.

Now, my dear friends from Blogging 101, since the blogging sprint is over, let’s start the marathon and make our blogs fit and healthy!


7 thoughts on “Blogging 101: A sprint for bloggers!

  1. Finally, it ends! I am glad we met and interacted through Blogging101. Hope to see you around. And, congrats mate for successfully completing the course! 🙂

  2. I agree! This has been a super productive course. Great visual. I pinned it on my Blogging for Beginners board @daddiseducator where I am collecting things I’ve learned in this course. You’re title is poignant. I’ve definitely felt that I’ve been sprinting but hadn’t thought of it that way until I saw it in your post.

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