Relaunching my debut book: Ctrl+Alt+Del

Generally, many people start a blog and then write a book. In my case, it was reverse. I first wrote a book and then started a blog. I waited all these days to bring my blog into proper shape and then introduce the book. Now, the time has arrived. My debut book is a self-help ebook: Ctrl+Alt+Del(Transform your problems into accomplishments).


Two years back, when I was struggling to make sense out of my life, when all the things I had planned for my future horribly went wrong and when I was utterly confused about what to do, I adopted an approach which helped me thrive in my life. I wanted to document that approach so that anyone out there can benefit from my learning. And that approach, which is a 3 step process: Ctrl (Controlling your emotions), Alt(Altering the Perception), Del(Deleting the problem) is my book.



2 thoughts on “Relaunching my debut book: Ctrl+Alt+Del

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