‘Follow every rainbow’ : A must read book for Indian women


There are certain books which we read again and again because, every time we read them, we get a new insight. One of my favorite books, which I read often is”Follow every rainbow”. This is a nonfiction book written by Rashmi Bansal (The author of the best sellers ‘Stay Hungry stay Foolish’ and ‘Connect the Dots’).As the subtitle suggests, this book consists of inspiring stories of 25 women entrepreneurs. However, this book is not only relevant to the women entrepreneurs but also for every woman who want to achieve something in life.

You may be wondering what’s so special about ‘Woman’ entrepreneurs. It is because, in India, the society is not so favorable for an ambitious woman. For example, if a middle-aged professional man wants to do an MBA, he can leave the job, ignore the family, go to  seclusion, prepare for the exam, secure a seat in top MBA college, do his MBA and then he can return back to his family life once he reaches a position he dreamed of. Suppose if a woman has the same dream, she has to get acceptance from her family,if she has kids, she has to ensure that they will be taken good care of and she should take care of herself without succumbing to stress. No matter what the dream is, for a woman to achieve her dream, she has to overcome a lot of hurdles in her way.

Author Rashmi Bansal aptly describes this in the ‘Author’s Note’ at the beginning of the book:

“For a woman is like a delicate flower and needs just the right weather to bloom and come into her own.She wilts under the heat of disapproval.She freezes in the ice of resentment.A woman will simply sacrifice herself and her ambition if the ‘cost’ is too high.And the family will approve of that – for at the heart of our modern heads lies the age-old belief: a woman’s place is at this side.The revolution is coming, but there will be no bloodshed. Because women will do it their way”.

This book is about 25 powerful women who have achieved their dreams in spite of their humble backgrounds. These tough women have fought against all the odds in their life to fulfill their dreams. Being an ambitious person, a mom, and a dreamer, I can relate to most of the stories in the book.

The book is organized into 25 chapters, each one containing the author’s interview with the entrepreneur. The interviews are crafted into seamless stories which make them easy to read.  At the end of each story, there is a section named “Advice to women entrepreneurs” which has the message given by the entrepreneur to the readers.

My favorite inspirational stories are the following:

1. Premalata Agarwal (Mountaineer):

In May 2011, this 48-year-old housewife became the oldest Indian Woman to climb Mount Everest. An astonishing   fact is that she is a housewife who got married at the age of 18 and came to know about mountaineering at the age of  36, when she accompanied her daughter to tennis lessons!

2. Patricia Narayan(Caterer):

Married at 19 to a man who turned into an alcoholic and wife beater, Patricia started a food stall in Marina Beach, Chennai, to support her two young children. With her grit and determination, she expanded her business and started a food court chain. In 2010, she was awarded ‘Woman Entrepreneur of the Year’.

3.Sudeshna Banerjee(PS.Digitech HR):

When Sudeshna’s love marriage failed and resulted in a terrible divorce, she left her low-paying job as a school teacher and entered the world of engineering services. She became the Managing director and Chairperson of PS Digitech.

In addition to these amazing stories, Rashmi Bansal also provided the email id’s of the entrepreneurs and that made the book all the more special.

Hats off to the women entrepreneurs!  Kudos to Rashmi Bansal for compiling such a wonderful book!

Here is the link from good reads:


Those extraordinary women have proved that if we commit to our dreams with our passion, nothing is impossible. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s follow our dreams!

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