‘Forgive’ because ..


Global Forgiveness day is on July 7th 2015. I don’t have many details about how this day originated or how it is celebrated but lately, I realized the importance of forgiveness.

Few weeks ago, me and my close friend were in a strong disagreement over one particular issue. We each had our own opinions and we were not willing to accept each other’s view. We exchanged tough words and stopped talking to each other. During that period, I was not able to concentrate on my work; I lost my peace of mind and though I was trying hard to act as if everything was normal, I was continuously stressed. When I was browsing the internet for something to soothe my mind, I came across this wonderful quote:.

Forgive those who have injured you –
not because they deserve your forgiveness,
but because you can never be happy
until you release your anger and grant forgiveness.
– Jonathan Lockwood Huie

It really made a lot of sense. I wanted a peaceful, happy life and if the only way to get that was to forgive my friend, then I thought I will try that. Immediately, I took the initiative to end this cold war between us and sent out a detailed email to her proposing a solution which we both can agree upon. When she accepted, I felt the burden lift off my shoulders. On that day, I felt as free as a bird and I slept peacefully after several days.

Also, I started applying this philosophy to myself. I started accepting my failures, my mistakes, and my wrong decisions. When I started forgiving myself, I was able to accept who I was and it brought back the serenity in my life.

Lesson learnt: ‘Forgive’ because you want to be happy.


2 thoughts on “‘Forgive’ because ..

  1. I find much maturity in this post and the lesson you’ve learned. And now, thanks to your blog, you are able to share this tremendous insight with the world )or at least the portion who stumbles on this post)


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