To live forever:Write

Have you ever wondered yourself at the end of your life? What sort of legacy will you leave?

For me, the unequivocal answer is “I want to write great books and they will be my legacy.”

I admire the work of Ayn Rand, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Jane Austen. I wonder how these legendary writers managed to write books which are read with the same fervor, decades after their first publication.I always dream of being such a writer whose books are passed from one generation to other.

According to me, to write is to live forever. Writers are immortal. I dream of being one!

I came across these wonderful lines which resonate my thoughts

“It’s amazing that a man who is dead can talk to people through these pages. As long as this books survives, his ideas live.”
Christopher Paolini, Eragon

So true!

What’s your opinion? What do you think will be your legacy?

5 thoughts on “To live forever:Write

  1. I should very much like my writing to be my legacy. I am re-reading Pride and Prejudice and I can’t help but wonder at the immortality of Austen’s work. I don’t know if we shall ever reach that state, but even if a few people go through my blog years later, I should be happy.

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