3 Tips to meet your writing goals

You have set your writing goals. You have the topics ready for your blog.

Still, did you miss your writing schedule? Did you get busy with some other activities in your life and couldn’t write?

It happened to me:-(

When I took Blogging101 course, I had the following writing goals:

1. Write 3 posts every week.

2. Spend one hour each week to read others’ blogs.

3. Create an editorial calendar for the coming month.

I followed them diligently for 1 month and then, slipped into lethargy:-(

Today, the first day in Blogging 201, I realized I should get back to my writing goals.

I came up with a few suggestions to myself and to all those have trouble sticking with their writing schedules.

Here they are:

  1. Join a writing course: By enrolling in a course, you will get deadlines. Blogging 201 is one such course. I know that I have to complete an assignment by the end of the day. So I try hard to accommodate some time every day to work on the assignment
  2. Treat your readers as your friends: When someone is following your blog, it’s an indication that they are waiting to hear from you. You don’t want to keep your friends waiting! Do you?
  3. Write at a specific time every day: Set aside a specific time to write and make sure that you don’t have any other appointments at that time. It’s best to write either early in the morning or late at night to avoid any interference with the schedule.

I hope I will be back on track with these self-affirmations and I wish these tips will be useful to you as well.

Do you have any strategies for writing daily? What do you do when you miss your writing schedule?

11 thoughts on “3 Tips to meet your writing goals

  1. I try not to put the writing into too strict forms. When I get lots of new ideas I put them down in a sketched headline in WordPress. Then I know I can return to that subject later. I get new ideas when I am out on my running passes. Travelling also create many ideas just as reading books and others blogger’s posts.

  2. Oh I totally get that. I have more posts in my ‘Drafts’ folder because I just can’t find the time to go finish them. I think what works for me is that instead of saying that I’ll write one post per day, I keep a goal to write for a fixed amount of time per day. It’s a far easier goal and keeps the writing flowing!

  3. I like suggestion #2. I find myself responding to new followers only if A – they leave a comment, or B – I visit their blog (I almost always do) and find an interesting post to comment on. Sometimes they don’t have post on their blog, or haven’t put up anything new in a few years. I’m going to work on being more engaging.

  4. Ugh, don’t I know it? The last week has been insane and I’m barely catching up with everyone! While I’m so glad to hear you’ll be posting more stuff, remember to take care of yourself too! While I love hearing from my friends, I also want them to be able to have some downtime lol.

    It’s a tough balance to strike for sure. The ‘write every day’ tip is awesome, since I tend to try to bang out drafts in a single day when I’ve scheduled them. Thank you! 🙂

  5. My schedule in life doesn’t allow me to post every day…but I do try to read others and acknowledge. I hope to have more time in the future, but for now I work on it in between a lot of other obligations. I love having a blog and following others.🌞

  6. Great goals! Totally understand sticking with it for a month and then dropping off… Personally, I find it important to let myself off the hook when I lose momentum on my site and just dive back in and move forward. And the more I post, the more I want to! 😀

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