Catch the time before it flies!

Do you want to write a book?

Do you want to go to the fitness center but don’t have time for it?

Do you want to read a book but couldn’t get the time out of your busy schedule?


Lack of Time seems the root cause for all the pending activities which stay dormant in our dreams and never  turn into reality. Tempus Fugus (Latin Expression meaning Time flies). Is there a way to circumvent this problem?Can we get a grip of the 24 hours in a day and utilize them in the best possible manner before the time slips through our hands slowly yet surely?

Yes Of course. There is a powerful technique which I call  the ‘Power of Delta’(an incremental change).  Small amounts of time (Which I call as ‘Delta’ ),  when accumulated over a period of time, brings in huge results beyond your imagination.

I learnt this practically when I started writing my first book. Initially, taking time to write a book seemed impossible when I had a full-time job and a kid to look after. But, I really wanted to give it a try and so I estimated how much time I needed.

One book = 100 pages = half a page per day(300 words per day) for 200 days + buffer time = 240 days= around 8 months.

That means I have to write just 300 words per day which I can do it in 1 hour.

The above math amused me and gave me a lot of confidence. So, I started writing for one hour a day. When I saw my progress at the end of the month, I couldn’t believe myself. Wow!!! I had put enough of content for my book .. Yes, miracles do happen when you can squeeze in a couple of minutes from your busy schedule and do what you always wanted to do.

So, don’t worry that you don’t have time. Grab that 15 minutes of a coffee break to read a book. 30 minutes of workout is all it takes to be fit and healthy. Just One hour a day is needed to work on your blog which eventually could be converted into a book. Nothing is impossible with the power of delta. Go for it!

P.S: Only a few minutes after  I wrote this post, I came across an amazing article by a WordPress blogger, an artist, and a  backpacker Sam who says that she painted Grand canyon in a 5-minute break.Check the ‘Tip 7 – Grab the Moment!’ in her post.


3 thoughts on “Catch the time before it flies!

  1. I love this ! Power of Delta, I can see how well it works with young kids too ! Five min of writing, reading, or math every day, it is easy to do, and when you do the Math at the end of the month, it is quite significant ! Great post !

  2. I’m a cheerful, eternal optimist too. Like this post a lot. For me, getting what I want to get done depends too on my ability to focus on it fully for the time I have, and then *switch* my focus entirely to the next project when time’s up. I find it’s when I’m not focused that my time slips through my fingers. Happy I came by to visit, and thank you for following my blog!

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