Career woman or a Home maker?

Then : 

One year back, at 10:00 am in the morning, I was sitting at my desk in my office, worrying about all the tasks for that day. Here were my thought:

“Oh! This work is so boring. Why am I working at all? I am not getting a promotion. I am not getting any salary hike. I don’t have time to enjoy. I am struck here in the office from morning till night. I have a child who needs my attention. I left her at my Mom’s place. I am giving so much trouble to my Mom. Is my job really worthwhile? Can’t I just leave my job and take care of my family? ”


I quit the job and had been staying at home taking care of my family for the past one year. Now I think

“Oh! It’s so boring. My child went to school.Husband went to office. There is no interesting work to do. There is no promotion. There is no salary. I keep doing all the “home work” and no one appreciates me. I’m stuck at home all day. Is staying at home to take care of a family really worthwhile? Can’t I just go  out and work?”

Lesson learnt: At every point in life, there is something which is always out of reach. It is better to enjoy the present situation and make the best out of it 🙂

P.S: In response to daily prompt


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