Pros and Cons of writing

“Why should I write? ”

Every time I get back to writing after a long hiatus, I ask myself this question.

Does it make any difference if I don’t write?

What have I missed when I didn’t put my thoughts into words?

Did I lose anything at all?

As I try to answer these questions, time and again, the same reasons pop up in my mind.

Pros of writing

  1. Writing helps me to preserve my thoughts. I get countless thoughts throughout the day and if I don’t put them into writing, they are dead. I forget all of them and the next day, I don’t even remember what I thought the previous day.
  2. Writing makes me feel alive. The days I don’t write I feel as if I am a robot doing my chores without any emotion, without any reasoning and without any purpose.
  3. Writing helps me organize my thoughts. Otherwise, I feel my mind is like a house in a mess with shoes on the sofa, books on the carpet and coffee cups on the bed. Once I clean up my house i.e write my thoughts , I know who I am and what I am doing with my life.
  4. Writing makes me think and form opinions. Otherwise I’m like a sponge absorbing the vast amount of information around me.
  5. Writing makes me feel that I am contributing something to this world.

Cons of writing

  1. Writing is hard work. Reading a book or watching TV or staying up to date on facebook is easier.
  2. Writing shows me who I am when I don’t want to face my true self.
  3. Writing mirrors my thoughts when I want to escape from the reality.

After weighing the pros and cons with great difficulty, I want to face the world within me bravely. I want to conquer my fears. I want to awaken the fire within me which had been dormant.  I want to unleash the power which once had shown me the direction of my life. And with ‘Writing 101’, I hope I can get back on track.

Dear friends , what is your writing experience ? Do you write intermittently? What brings you back to writing?


18 thoughts on “Pros and Cons of writing

  1. Great Post! I agree with all of your Pros but for me, personally, I’ll have to disagree with the last con. Writing, for me, is a form of escapade from reality. That’s one of the many many reasons I write, so I can escape to an alternative universe. 🙂

  2. I can relate to some of your “pros” but each and every one of your “cons” hit home for me. Over the years I have found that I do write intermittently. I think the reason is because the words that I write render very real and raw emotions. Depending upon the season of my life that I am in, I am not always willing to re-hash these emotions. Sometimes seeing them on paper can be overwhelming. Or certain emotions I would like to allow to pass and not be commemorated in words.

  3. All the Pros that you have listed, they are indeed true. My brain is like a pressure cooker and I need to periodically ‘whistle’ to let the steam out. 🙂 Also the satisfaction I get from finally putting my thoughts in words, that I have created something tangible out of the ephemeral thoughts.
    But yes, writing is also hard. And can make one feel vulnerable but in a why it also lets us be in touch with our inner self.

  4. And hey, I thought you maybe interested in this other blog of mine where I write about telugu movies and music. Do give a look in your spare time 🙂

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