Wishes of a Mommy

Things I wish as a Mom of a 5 year old :

  1. I wish my daughter obeys whatever I say.
  2. I wish she eats more vegetables and less junk food.
  3. I wish she plays on her own without dragging me into her pretend and play.
  4. I wish she stops yelling whenever I comb her hair.
  5. I wish she reads more books and watches less TV
  6. I wish she shares her chocolates with me.
  7. I wish she would let me win atleast one game when I play with her.
  8. I wish she remembers the wonderful time we are having now.
  9. I wish she would never grow apart from me.
  10. I wish I were a child like her enjoying once again the pampering of my parents.

P.S: This blog is based on the prompt from the course “Writing 101”


4 thoughts on “Wishes of a Mommy

  1. This is great. I have a 9 year old daughter and a 16 year old son. I am fortunate that my son and I are still close (9.I wish she would never grow apart from me). My son goes his own way, does his own thing, has his own ideas, sometimes hurts me with his words, and can be mean (the teenager talking), but he always comes back, tells me he loves me, gives me a nightly hug, and sometimes we laugh until we cry. In less than 2 years he will leave for the Marines. I am making the most of every moment we share. Oh, and I am close to my daughter too. She’s a daddy’s girl, but we have our things together. Thanks for sharing, you made me smile.

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