Rain,Rain,Come Again (Flash fiction for Aspiring Writers)


The climate stayed hot for several months. The water in the lakes dried up. The town was suffering from drought. Due to water scarcity, the cost of bottled water shot up.  Every drop of water became precious.  People started using water with stinginess as if it were gold.  The trees withered,  the plants perished and the sparrows died due to lack of water. One day, a miracle happened. Dark clouds appeared over the town. The peacocks, having an instinct to predict rain, opened their feathers and started dancing.  Minutes later, the much awaited rain ended the drought in the town.


.P.S: This post is written in response to the photo prompt for  ‘Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers’.

Click the link below to read more about this challenge.



10 thoughts on “Rain,Rain,Come Again (Flash fiction for Aspiring Writers)

  1. Very nice story! I like how the peacocks have the ability to predict rain. They were the “saviors” of the rain deprived community. Great Story! I need to ask you to please include the prompt photo in future FFfAW challenges.

    • Oops. Sorry. I forgot to add the photo to my post. I did that now. Thanks so much, for providing these wonderful photo prompts. I started looking forward to tuesdays for this reason 🙂 You had mentioned in this week’s prompt that the next prompt will be in December. Till then, Happy holidays.

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