A year when I found peace!


It’s just one year but it seems that I aged several years, emotionally.


A cold dark month when I feared about my future;

Staying at home to take care of a child wasn’t fulfilling.

I wanted to work. I wanted sunshine.


The cold continued and I was directionless; lost in the sheets of snow.

My lonely hours at home, my frustrations at everything and everyone;

Gloomy days continued.


A ray of hope that I can now apply for a work permit;

A loving family, who understood me and stood by my side.

Got some free time to learn something new.


As the leaves sprouted on the trees,  I uncovered opportunities.

First it was toastmasters, then writing, then baking, then exercising;

Life wasn’t so boring after all.

May :

I was as happy as a summer day;

Enjoying my hobbies;

Indulging in my new passions;


Family vacation, camping with cousins, parties;

Movies, shopping, road trips;

Life looked like a never ending celebration.


Dark clouds bloomed on my life again.

Thunderstruck by the fact that my work permit got rejected;

Tears gushed in my eyes while  rained poured outside.


I fell back into my valley of sorrows;

Summer was over; so was my happy time;

I was stuck in a predicament;


A ray of hope inspired by Mother nature;

If trees appearing barren in winter can grow fresh leaves back in spring;

then why can’t my life take a positive turn in a future?


Time to shed my tears and enjoy life as it comes;

A month where I stamped on my fears;

A Halloween month when I feared less and enjoyed more ;


Good days may be just round the corner;

so why not indulge in some festivities;

Seeking cheer in everything;


A retrospection of the year fading away;

A realization that I feel more mature now;

A time to recollect what I learned in the year:

It was an unforgettable year –

When I learned to cope up with any circumstance;

When I learned to survive any misfortune;

When I realized the blessings around me;

When I stopped worrying  about the past and the future;

When I started finding joy in daily life;

When I started treasuring the smiles of my spouse and my child;

When I started living happily in the present;

A year when I finally found peace with myself.


P.S: This is my attempt at writing poems. This was written for ‘Writing 101: A poem a day: prompt:What magic have you accomplished in the past year?’




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