Epic Reunion(Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers)


This New year eve is going to be special for them.  Five years ago, five friends, drifted apart with no hope of meeting again. The tech savvy guy went abroad chasing his dream job. The charming girl in the gang started her career in modeling. The nerdy guy went for post graduation in a foreign land.  The lovers in the group got married and moved to a different city. Even though the friends were miles apart, they remained in touch all these years. Luckily, on this New year eve, they are going to be in the same city. During their epic reunion, they are going to relive their college days at this Chinese restaurant , their favorite hangout during college days.



P.S. This post is in response to the FFfAW challenge.



5 thoughts on “Epic Reunion(Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers)

  1. Sweet story and nicely done! Although the friends went their own ways, five years later they get back together. I like that! Thank you for participating in the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers challenge!

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