What is freedom?

So, You  are asking for freedom?

But do you know what freedom is?

Freedom is not just doing what you like.

Freedom comes with   tremendous responsibility.


Freedom is to live and to let others live peacefully.

Freedom is to grow and to help others grow with you.

Freedom is to have a purpose and to work towards it.


Freedom is not for the ignorant.

Freedom is not for the coward.

Freedom is not for the egotist.


Freedom is a two edged knife.

Freedom is powerful when you use it correctly.

Freedom is dangerous when misused.

Now, do you think you deserve freedom?


P.S: This post is written for Writing 101 prompt: Freedom






9 thoughts on “What is freedom?

  1. Freedom is indeed a two-edged knife. And it’s such an elusive and tangled concept — it’s all relative. While EVERYONE deserves freedom at a fundamental level, not everyone can have it, especially if their destructive actions prove to be dangerous to other people’s freedom (to live, to learn, to love, to have things). So, to prevent and punish, society takes away the freedom of those who seek to take away others’ freedom. There is irony and sadness inherent in all this.

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