A life full of contradictions!



It’s a life full of contradictions.


We grudgingly do our office work,

counting  every hour we are going get paid.

Yet we happily slog even on weekends to write our blogs,

knowing  that nobody is going to pay us.


We think for days to contribute money for a cause;

Yet we splurge money on the latest gadget without a moment’s thought.


We binge on tasty fast food;

Yet we repent every minute we spend at the fitness center.


We teach our kids to limit their screen time;

Yet we are glued to our smartphones from morning till night.


We are delighted when someone appreciates us;

Yet we are stingy when we have to praise someone.


We want someone to love us unconditionally;

Yet we keep judging that special someone every minute.


Alas, it’s a life full of contradictions!


P.S: This post is written in response to Writing101 Prompt :Fallacy

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