Unseen view of Niagara Falls! #humor


See..This is why I don’t take photos of nature!. They turn to be legendary!

Can you guess what  I was trying to capture in the above photo?

It’s the breathtaking Niagara falls. I had the latest DSLR.  It was sunny. The sky was clear. I was on the “Maid of the Mist” (It is a boat tour at Niagara falls which takes us close to the falls. ). Everything was perfect to take photos. During the entire boat ride, I posed my camera at different angles and tried to capture the beauty of the falls. By the time the boat ride was over , I was exhausted by taking photos .Most of the photos of the Falls turned out  similar to the one shown above( pictures of mist blocked by limbs of the people in front of me!).  I bet you wouldn’t have seen such a view of Niagara Falls before!

Similarly, on several occasions, I tried taking pictures of the fall colors, the snow capped mountains, and the exotic birds at the zoo. In my photos,the bright colored maple leaves covering the ground looked like a heap of trash, the snow capped mountains looked like white paint and the exotic birds looked like sparrows in the neighborhood.

That’s when I promised myself that I will not  bring  further disgrace to the beautiful nature with my experimental photography. Now, I reserve myself to absorbing the beauty around me in my mind’s eye. If I ever get tempted  to display Niagara Falls as my laptop’s screensaver, then I simply search the internet. There are tons of priceless pictures of nature taken by amazing nature photographers .


P.S: This post is written in response to photo challenge: Oops!


10 thoughts on “Unseen view of Niagara Falls! #humor

  1. you may call it an oops photo but i love it. the huge cloud of water mist and seeing the actuall waterfall through that is lovely! this tells me not to instantly delete all my oops pics , instead save them for challenges like these 😀

  2. ‘The Maid of the Mist’ should have warned you what you would find you missed through mist!
    Mind you, if you know what it is the picture is rather effective, particularly if one crops off the waving arms and equipment silhouettes.

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