Beloved :Being loved



She thought love was holding hands and walking towards the sunset.

She thought love was uploading romantic pictures on facebook.

She thought love was a public display of affection.


She dreamed of valentines gifts and surprise birthday parties.

She dreamed of romantic getaways and cruise vacations.

She dreamed of a ‘happily ever after’ love life.


Unaware of her dreams , her parents  got her married.

The guy, unfortunately, didn’t have a dreamy version of life.

For him, love was a private affair.

For him, valentine’s day was an advertising stunt.

For him, parties were a waste of time and money.


Her dreams were shattered.

She wondered how they can ever live together.

There was nothing common in between them.


As days passed, she started understanding him.

He never gave her gifts but he bought everything she asked.

He never expressed his love in words but his every action indicated how much he loved her.

He never held her hands in public, but he always made sure she was safe.


He stayed with her in rain and shine.

He protected her like a parent.

He pampered her like a child.


He is nothing like the person she dreamed about.

But he is everything that she needed.


When she realized how much he loves her,

She fell head over heels for him.

No wonder, he is her beloved.



P.S: This post is written in response to Writing 101 prompt: Beloved.




19 thoughts on “Beloved :Being loved

  1. Hmmm … there’s a good lesson in there! Nicely written poem, Jahnavi! It’s so true, isn’t it, all this trumped-up hallmark fantasy of love, when genuine real-lie love does not resemble it most of the time?

  2. Loved the part where you explain love in a different light. Sometimes, love isn’t that dreamy , romantic feeling but aring, sharing, being thoughtful. Loved reading this.

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