Shed your mask, dear!



Who are you, my dear?

I want to see the man behind the mask.

I want to know the real you.


As you breeze through the day wearing different masks,

I wonder why you are doing all this.

I wonder if you are ever true to yourself.


Your constant drive to impress the people around you;

Your intense enthusiasm to be center of the attraction;

Your immense desire to show off,

With a fake smile and a borrowed accent;


Your obsession to look charming;

Your imitation of the pop culture;

Your desperation to be someone else;


I agree that the world is competitive.

I agree that networking is the key to success.

I agree that popularity brings you opportunities.


Does it mean you have to shed your true nature?

Does it mean you have to lead a second hand life?

Does it mean you have to struggle inside while acting cheerful outside?


Unless I know who you are, I can’t trust my heart with you.

Unless I understand the real you, I can’t start my life with you.

Unless I see the man behind the mask, I can’t love you.

Till then, my darling, I will be just one of your spectators watching your show.


P.S : This post is written in response to Writing101 prompt: Camouflage.


13 thoughts on “Shed your mask, dear!

  1. This seems so real and practical for the world that surrounds us today. Each of us faces this “camouflaged” dilemma in life and so the connect with your poem is very strong. Moreover the Indian connection makes it feel closer to the heart. 🙂

  2. Your poetry just draws to mind all the things going on in today’s World when in the bid to fit into the wave of pop culture, humans are masking themselves, doing plastic surgeries like its a walk in the park and all manners of camouflage available that we hardly know who is behind all that heavy cloak of disguise. I like the real feel of your words.

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