Farewell or a new beginning?


As I stand teary -eyed waving at you,

It strikes me that I had betrayed myself all these days.

It occurs to me, for the first time, how much I want you in my life.


I am a fool not to decipher the signs early.

Every time I spoke to you, butterflies fluttered in my stomach.

Every time I came near you, my heart thumped.

Every time  I saw you, I blushed unknowingly.


I had dismissed these feelings as infatuation;

Dismissed my longing that my teenage hormones were acting up;

Dismissed my desire that I had been watching too many romantic movies;


What about you?


Didn’t your eyes glow every time you spoke to me?

Didn’t you cast secret glances at me during the lectures?

Didn’t you try silly tricks to start a conversation with me?


I spent all these days in utter confusion.

A confusion whether you loved me;

A confusion whether I loved you;

A confusion whether I was reading too much between the lines;


Today, as you are leaving me,

My heart breaks to say good bye to you.

I desperately want the time to freeze.


Aren’t these signs enough to tell me that I have fallen in love with you?


This farewell moment has given me courage.

This precious moment has made me strong.

This final moment has brought out the love in me.


Here, I finally say the words

Which I had buried deep in my heart all these days

“I love you.   Do you love me?”


This post is written in response to writing 101 prompt: Farewell.






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