Santa, please call the real Santa!


It would be the first Christmas for Navya’s family in the United States after they moved from India a few months ago. 5 year old girl Navya with her parents went out for shopping during the weekend before Christmas. At first the girl was excited to see Santa in a store. She enjoyed sitting on Santa’s lap, taking a picture and collecting her goodies. As the family went from one store to another, visiting the Santas’, the girl’s enthusiasm turned into disappointment. Several questions crossed her mind.She learned from her friends that Santa would give the gifts she wanted. She had written a big list with her favorite toys : Barbie dolls, Play doh, Kitchen set, a hot pink scooter ,a kids laptop.  But, till now all she got were some treats and goodies. The next time she saw Santa in a store, she went near him hoping at least this time she would get her toys. When this Santa also gave Navya some chocolates, the girl was on the verge of tears. She said

” I know you are a make believe Santa because you are not giving me the gifts  I wanted. Can you please call the real Santa?”


P.S: This post is written in response to a photo prompt . Check

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16 thoughts on “Santa, please call the real Santa!

  1. Cute! Children have their own way of how things should be and often times we do not understand why they are unset until we hear how they feel about something, which is often times very practical thinking, but it isn’t how things really are in life.

  2. Kids are perceptive in their own way! had he given her some toys, he would have become the real one. but he couldn’t because he didn’t know what she really wanted. intelligently woven 😀 Lovely story

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