A lonely mother(Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers)


“Is this a right decision?” Mary questioned herself for a hundredth time.

She couldn’t imagine staying alone without her daughter.  She raised her daughter single-handedly after her divorce. At that time, her baby was 2 years old. Since then, her daughter became her only joy in life. Today, she was leaving her 10 year old daughter in the best boarding school in a city, miles away from her small town, so that she can better education. In this school, her daughter will have access to the latest technology, she will get good guidance and she will be able to realize her dream of becoming a scientist. As Mary emerged out of the school, it started raining as if the weather reflected her inner turmoil. Slowly she walked away, fighting back the urge to take her daughter home along with her.

“Yes. It’s a right decision.” She consoled herself for the hundredth time.


Copyright © 2015 Written by Jahnavi Chintakunta ~ All rights reserved

P.S. This post is written in response to the FFfAW challenge. Click on the picture below to know the details about this challenge.



23 thoughts on “A lonely mother(Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers)

  1. Aw, that would be a very hard decision. She is probably so close to her daughter too. But what a mother to do the best thing for her daughter and a difficult thing to herself. Great story!

  2. That had to be a very hard decision for her, especially with her daughter being only 10 years old. But, she has to look forward and make the best decision that will benefit her daughter, even if it is a very tough one. Your story is written very well…the mother’s painful decision is felt when reading it.

  3. definitely not an easy decision! i’ve been sent abroad to study without my parents during my mid-teens so this really gives an insight to how they could have felt. thank you for sharing this ❤

  4. I’m sure she made the right decision. Even if it hurts being away. (still hope my kids will choose to go to university in our city, though… but that’s far, as they’re still in kindergarten and 2 grade. haha)

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