A lovely bond



A routine established in their lives;

Daily, they exchanged heated arguments;

Daily, he stormed out of the door angrily;

Daily, she cried soaking her pillow in tears.


“What should we do”, they thought separately?

Divorce as their friends did?

Stay married as their parents advised?

Leave each other and remain separated?


They never agreed with each other before.


But for the first time, they agreed to give their marriage one last try;

On their anniversary, they forgot all their hatred;

On their anniversary, they felt like a newly married couple;

On their anniversary, they showered each other with love.


Next day, they went back to their routine;

He blamed her for the extravagant party;

She blamed him for being irresponsible;

They went back to their rooms sullen.


They decided their relationship isn’t going to work.

They filed for their divorce;

Mentally, there were separated long ago;

All they wanted is an approval from the law.


But then, it happened.


Two months after their anniversary,

She realized that she got conceived.

A lovely baby to nurture;

A bundle of joy in the offing;


They both didn’t want the baby to suffer.

They both didn’t want the baby to be sad.

They both wanted the baby to grow in a happy home.

They both wanted the baby to have abundant joy.


Finally, they agreed on one thing.

They decided to give their relationship one more try:

This try which will last for another 20 years .

Everything is going to be perfect now:-)


P.S: For daily prompt:Tell us about a time when everything seemed to be going wrong — and then, suddenly, you knew it would be alright. 



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