‘Food’ for thought #humor


What is your ‘Food’ for thought? I mean real food.  Do you eat or drink to inspire your writing?

There are several esteemed authors like Scott Fitzgerald, Stephen King,Truman Capote , Ernest Hemingway  who are said to be alcohol addicts. Here is a link on buzzfeed if you need further trivia. Also, there is an interesting quote ‘Write drunk, edit sober’  which is attributed to Ernest Hemingway.  However,there are several discussions on the internet which argue whether those comments are really made by the famous author.

What about writers who don’t drink?  I don’t know the answer for this but I have a sweet tooth and I rely on a dessert to boost my creativity. As of now, I’m munching on this homemade cupcake while writing this post. This delicious snack gave me the idea for this post. What more do I want 🙂 ?

What do you do while writing?


P.S. This post is written for photo challenge: Now



14 thoughts on “‘Food’ for thought #humor

  1. I’ve heard that about some famous writers too. Maybe writers drink because they wanted wicked imagination. Meanwhile, I don’t eat or drink while I write. When I write, I need complete silence. Interest thought.

  2. I think drinking’s a great activity for writing. But more than a glass of wine and my brain gets too jumbled to write anything really. Tea, coffee, fizzy water are my drinks of choice. Fun post!

  3. I don’t drink or eat when writing, but will in between typing the story to post. I just like total solitude whenever I’m trying to think of something to write about. I find food and drink a distraction and it actually slows me down when trying to put a story together.I do my eating and drinking before or after the story is written.

  4. Wow, that’s homemade?? Awesome!

    Well, I write while I write. I need pure free, uninterrupted time when I am writing – I don’t really have the time to take the hand to the mouth when I am writing.

    But aside from that, I am a big foodie, or at least am turning out to be so since I came to Bangalore.

  5. i eat while reading, but not while writing. can’t manage to control the flow of thoughts, so the writing has to be just as fast 😀
    i have an idea that’s been developing in my mind, but to write that down (it’s way out of my comfort zone), i may have to actually get drunk 😀 😀
    thanks for sharing that link. going to read that next. 🙂

  6. I don’t eat or drink while writing but sometimes, I need music. Either I compose the chords in my mind and replay it as I’m writing or I plug it in through my earphones if the song already exists. I go into zombie mode when I’m writing so I cannot be disturbed. Because, zombies…

  7. Hi Jahnavi Chintakunta, thank you for visiting my blog. I love the picture of the cupcake, I’m sure it’s delicious. I’m so busy thinking what to write I forget about food.:)

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