Awards and Recognitions

Past few weeks have been really special for my blog. I received a lot of encouragement from fellow bloggers via awards and recognitions.  Unfortunately due to the holiday season, I couldn’t reciprocate my thanks and respond immediately to their appreciations. Sorry for the delay.

Here are a few notes of thanks which are overdue on my part.

Three Sunshine Blogger awards


At the end of the year, I got nominated to three Sunshine awards by three amazing bloggers. (Shilpa) (Visakha) (Wandering Soul aka Piyusha Vir)

Thanks so much. I’m honored that you thought of me.

However, henceforth, I am making my blog award free. All I need from my readers is to enjoy my posts and get refreshed:-)

Second place twice in Limerick Contests

Rashmi( has a wonderful blog where she hosts Limerick Challenge every week.

I got second place twice in these contests

Thanks so much Rashmi for hosting this challenge every week and encouraging fellow bloggers.

All these appreciations and the constant feedback from my readers motivate me to write daily. I’m happy to be part of this awesome blogging community. 🙂



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