New Year Madness(100 word story)

Dec 31st night: 9:00pm.

Loud music was blasting from the speakers. Men were enjoying their drinks .Women were setting up the table for dinner. Four children under 5 years of age were screaming and running.

C:Child W:Woman M:Man

C1: “Mommy, I want the brown thingy that Dad is drinking”
W1(yelling): “Ravi, don’t put your toy truck in the chicken gravy”
W2:“Saritha, Should I add spice to this dish?”
C2(crying) :“Mommy, Usha pinched me”
M1: “Geetha, Where are the ice cubes?”

Every one spoke but no one listened.

Madness ruled the house. New year began in the midst of that chaos.


This post is written for the prompt ‘Madhouse’ for 100 word story challenge at Blogger’s world.

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