To drink or not to drink ?(Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers)


Photo credit: Etol Bagam

“What shall we drink?”  Janet asked Divya.

It was the first time Divya entered a bar.Divya was born and brought up in a small town in India in an Orthodox Hindu family where alcohol consumption, even by men, was considered a sin.  Girls in her family were not even allowed to go to restaurants alone.  Divya got her first taste of freedom when she got a job in a metropolitan city . Still, she was unaffected by the city culture and remained a conservative person.  Later, when Divya went to the United States for a business trip, she was astonished to see know how important networking was for her career and how most of the socializing was done over drinks. Now as Janet, her client, asked  Divya about the order for drinks, Divya faced a moral dilemma “Should I drink to impress my client? Or Should I not drink to preserve my tradition ?”


Copyright © 2016 Written by Jahnavi Chintakunta ~ All rights reserved

P.S. This post is written in response to the FFfAW challenge. Click on the picture below to know the details about this challenge.


18 thoughts on “To drink or not to drink ?(Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers)

  1. This is an interesting concept. I used to date a guy who was Muslim and he chose for his religion not to drink alcohol. He often chose another fancy drink when I had one that was non-alcoholic but appeared like it was. Or asked for a virgin cocktail. That would preserve her religion. Also, she could say she isn’t drinking because she is trying to keep her weight down. I have many friends who drank copious amounts in university who are now not drinking much or at all because alcohol is worth a lot of extra calories. Difficult decision. I hope she is happy with her choice. Well written.

  2. It would be hard to decide, but drinking probably isn’t as important as she thinks it is….hopefully, whatever she decides she will be comfortable with her choice. Great story and one I’m sure many can relate to.

  3. I think Divya seems like a smart girl considering she held onto get culture for that long in a metropolitan non conservative society. She seems like the kind of girl who isn’t easily fazed or influenced.

  4. Very thought-provoking, Jahnavi. I enjoyed this little story – it can sometimes be difficult to fit in and in the same time preserve your own beliefs (religious or otherwise).

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