My first blogcast experience

Have you tried watching a video of yourself ?

Have you tried listening to a recording of your voice?

If you haven’t, then try it and tell me 🙂

When I saw today’s daily prompt “What do you find more unbearable: watching a video of yourself, or listening to a recording of your voice? Why?”, I was reminded of my blog casting experience a week ago.

Yes. I had posted my first blog cast on Blogger’s World(A friendly blogging community. Do check it out). That blogcast was actually a  humorous speech I had delivered at Toastmasters(Community to improve public speaking skills). When I tried to listen to my own voice before uploading it to the blog, I felt awkward. With great difficult I finished listening to my own speech just to make sure that I didn’t mess up. Surprisingly, many of my blogger friends voiced the same opinion when they had to do a blogcast. They too felt uneasy listening to their own voice.

However, at toastmasters, the recurring advice given to a person trying to improve his/her public speaking skills is to record a video of his/her speech and learn by watching his/her own mistakes.In the past,every time I tried to watch my own speech or to listen to my own voice, I couldn’t even get past the first few minutes of the recording.

Why is it so uncomfortable to watch or to  listen to ourselves? Is this a test for self love?

I don’t know answers to these questions but the below questions are indisputable:

If we can’t love ourselves who else will love us?

If we can’t listen to our own voice who will listen  ?

So, I’m going forward with my motto-  I love myself 🙂 and I’m going to prepare my next blog cast.





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