A virtual life (Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers)



Anita couldn’t recognize her own house in the photo until her Mom mentioned it. Her parents had planted sunflowers in front of their house. Everything changed since she left her home. Her best friend got married. Her sister gave birth to a baby boy. Even her beloved aunt passed away. She became a bystander of her own life. She moved to the United States two years ago and hasn’t visited her homeland, India, since then. She missed all the important occasions in her life till now but not today.  Today, Anita dazzled in a rich embroidered saree with matching jewelry. Her boyfriend got dressed in a traditional attire and her family members wore finest silk clothes. As the clock struck 1:00 am E.S.T., Anita’s engagement ceremony began with the bride in the United states, the bridegroom in UK and the parents in India ; everyone connected via a video conference.



Copyright © 2016 Written by Jahnavi Chintakunta ~ All rights reserved

P.S. This post is written in response to the FFfAW challenge.Thank you Priceless Joy for hosting the challenge, and thank you Sonya for providing the photo.

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7 thoughts on “A virtual life (Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers)

  1. Lovely story. It’s hard everyone being from such different places. I’m glad they could all see other and have the ceremonies via video conference. But even though they are dressed so finely, I can’t help think the ceremony is a bit cold. I think it’s the presence of a person whose hand you can shake and whose cheek you can kiss that makes weddings with friends/family there in person good. But I suppose your character did the best she could.

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