Mom detective #Flash Fiction -FFftPP


“…For the thousandth time, I promise you, it wasn’t me! It was our puppy!” ,Sarah explained her Mom.

Mom was in the kitchen while 5 year old Sarah, and her puppy Charlie were in the living room. Suddenly, Mom heard glass shattering sound in the living room and she rushed to see what happened. Living room was a mess. The flower vase was shattered to pieces. Pink paint was spilled on the carpet. Sarah with teary eyes told her Mom that Charlie spilled the paint and later knocked the vase. Charlie looked innocently at Mom.

Mom realized what had happened but she wanted Sarah to tell the truth.

“Sarah, why are your hands pink?”

“Mom, I was doing my art project”

“Sarah, why are there pink footsteps leading to the vase? “

“Mommy. They are not my footsteps. They are Charlie’s. His feet are also tiny like mine.”

“Sarah, they are foot prints; not paw prints!”

Mom knew that Sarah had spilled the paint and while trying to clean that up, had knocked the vase.

“ Baby, I know you did it. Accept your mistakes. Now, help me with the cleaning”.

Mom wondered if Sarah will become a storyteller someday!


Word count:200

Copyright © 2016 Written by Jahnavi Chintakunta ~ All rights reserved

Written for Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner: Week #7 – 2016.

Thanks a lot Roger for the prompt.

9 thoughts on “Mom detective #Flash Fiction -FFftPP

  1. This is cute. Of course, she will blame the dog lol. She doesn’t think about the dog having paw prints not feet. Great job.

  2. Fast thinking on Sarah’s part …blaming the dog. She may be a storyteller for a while, but I think her mom will be pointing her in the right direction and Sarah will end up being a truthteller! Cute story. And so real.

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