A tourist’s disappointment – Three Line Tales

photo-1418225162054-0f773a996f9e                                                                 photo by Samuel Zeller

“Why are all these people chatting and not appreciating the magnificent structure in front of them?

May be they are all locals and have visited this place several times before!

“On this last evening of my London tour, I planned on relishing the beauty of St.Paul’s cathedral sitting here and sipping cold British Beer but all the chairs are taken and no one is planning to leave!”


P.S: The above post is written for ‘Three line tales:Week Six’ challenge by Sonya, the author of ‘Only 100 Words’ blog. Thank you,Sonya, for hosting this challenge. To read more posts for this event, click here.



7 thoughts on “A tourist’s disappointment – Three Line Tales

  1. Lovely three lines. For some reason I can relate most to the last one. Having planned to sit somewhere to see something beautiful out the window and all the seats are taken. Great job.

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