Unfulfilled love



After 20 years, I met him unexpectedly.

For a fleeting moment
We gazed at each other
trying to fathom the lost love.
Our eyes exchanged countless questions.

For a fleeting moment
I saw a flicker of love in his eyes.
My heart thumped with expectation.
I felt as if I were a teenager once again.

For a fleeting moment
My 20 years of hidden love surged.
My mind stopped being sane.
My cheeks reddened with shy.

For a fleeting moment
I forgot how logic had buried our love
I forgot why we had decided to part ways
I forgot how life had changed us in these 20 years.

For a fleeting moment
The world around us disappeared
I wanted to rush into his arms
I wanted to hug him and tell how much I missed him.

“Mom, Are you done with your shopping?”
My teenage daughter standing beside me
brought me back to my senses.
He averted his glance and held his son’s hand.

The moment was gone.

One day,
The stars may align for us.
The world may conspire to unite us.
Love may break the shackles of reason.

Till then,
I will treasure this fleeting moment.
I will preserve this sweet pain.
I will protect this unfulfilled love  from the passage of time.



Written for Daily prompt: Fleeting.


9 thoughts on “Unfulfilled love

  1. Touching! These things do happen. Parting ways, meeting again. People are shy to come out in the open about their lost love as now they are married and well…what will people say “She liked somebody? Very bad”

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