Coloring book for adults: 100 word story


PHOTO PROMPT © Kent Bonham

I am totally stressed out this week.  Since it is Friday, I snuck out of the office early. My friend suggested this ‘Calm coloring book for adults’ to relieve my stress. My preschool daughter loves coloring but not I. It seems so silly sitting here in the park with this coloring book and a bunch of crayons! Let me try! After all these coloring books are trending these days!

Whoa! What is this? The first page itself is baffling!

Not for me! Let me close this book and enjoy this pleasant evening in the park!


Word count:95

Each week, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields-Addicted to Purple hosts Friday Fictioneers where we’re challenged to write a piece of flash fiction in 100 words, more or less, based on the picture above. Thank you, Rochelle, for this challenge.


3 thoughts on “Coloring book for adults: 100 word story

  1. stress busting in the park, crayoning on the tennis court, crayon on the park keeper door, time to stop, She should return to the colouring book, I think. I like the imagery

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